Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Super Bowl of Blogs

Writing on this at this point is sort of the equivalent of starting a teenage punk band -- not totally sure what I'm doing, no real audience beyond a few friends, just playing around in the garage. Later on, if this reaches arena rock stage (or, given the punk band image, perhaps... the Warped Tour? Is that still around?), presumably I'll look back on these posts with a little embarrassment, and a little longing for days gone by.

A few years back, I'd spend overnight writing shifts looking up random things on the web, and went through a phase of hunting down old acquaintances from cities past. One night I happened upon a blog by Sid Acker (sort of in a backwards manner - he'd mentioned a novel by a mutual acquaintance), which should be listed over there as "Nude Highway Driving," if I've figured the links thing out correctly. I spent a pleasant evening reading through NHD, laughed a lot, and e-mailed Sid to say hi.

Responding, he chatted a bit about the blog-- and how it'd just begun as a writing exercise. "Interesting," I said to myself, and then thought no more.

Fast forward to Super Bowl Sunday, 2006. I'm sitting in Atlanta's most depressing bar, watching a fairly boring and inept Big Game, no girls to be seen except the friend who was kind enough to come out and join me. We were talking about my writing -- a two-week vacation was coming to a close and I'd written a grand total of four pages. A blog was jokingly mentioned, and Courtney quickly grew serious. "Why, you SHOULD do a blog!" she said, or words to that effect.

So fast forward again, a few days later. It's morning, it's cold outside, and I'm trying to put off recaulking my tub. And lo, The PPA is born.


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They'll flock in once I start publishing my daily poetry.

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Still no hot chicks...