Friday, February 17, 2006

He's Through With Cars

Blondie's "Rapture" has been playing on a tape loop in my head for a good two days, and while I've always loved the song, I'm about 14 runs of "Now he only eats guitars!" from drooling, shrieking madness. And no distractions are readily apparent: I'm in the midst of my work week so drinking myself insensate isn't really an option, and I can't watch hockey for a few weeks.

Anyone with the slightest sense of current affairs knows, though... the Winter Olympics are on! And I can't watch hockey? No -- the games (aside from the U.S. team) are being broadcast on MSNBC, a channel I've watched a grand total of zero times over the years... so I was unaware until Wednesday morning that it wasn't a part of my cable package. I debated quickly shelling out for the expanded package, but really, would it have been worth it to spend a ton of money to watch a couple weeks of Olympic hockey? In perhaps the first incidence of fiscal responsibility of my life (I shelled out for the NHL Center Ice package, after all), I decided no.

If the Czechs keep on losing to the Swiss, anyhow, I won't miss much, other than the chance to root against Team Canada.

Anyway: my focus group has informed me that posts about hockey are not a hit. So onward. The travel bug is starting to set in again, and I desperately need to start making plans to go someplace. Southeast Asia is almost certain -- after the Warsaw Pact-centric theme of most of my travels, I need to broaden myself a bit. But I think I can probably wrangle another overseas trip later in the year and that's what's causing a great internal debate. Go back to the Czech Republic? Visit Hungary? Finland? Russia? South America? Eritrea?

There is something that never fails to be invigorating about deplaning overseas, in a drab airport surrounded by signage in a mysterious (ok, usually Slavic) language. It's probably helped keep me sane over the past few years of fluctuating work schedules and Atlantan ennui. This is the longest I've gone in about four years without having a new trip confirmed and I think it's starting to show -- restlessness, increased dissatisfaction, "Rapture" running through my brain.

So, readers, all six of you: what should move up the list? Cast your ballots, though I reserve the right to count them Haiti-style.


fredoluv said...

To make a long story short, I'm doing some work on the representation of the graffiti subculture in early 80s cinema (my life is so great sometimes!), and Fab Five Freddy comes up over and over again. I was watching "Wild Style" with my gf a few nights ago, and not only is FFF in it, but he and Chris Stein actually did all the music for it...which meant a ton of Blondie (but no raps from FFF). At one point I asked my gf (who's about 8 years younger than me, natch) if she knew who FFF was and she didn't.

So I busted out the rap from "Rapture" until the look on her face made me stop. Right quick.

The End!


fredoluv said...

Oh! I missed that last question, sorry!

Come to Tucson! We need a visit!

gsdgsd13 said...

That vote's getting dumped in the Port-Au-Prince garbage pile of life.

fredoluv said...

Joke's on you...I don't even live there anymore!!!

PS Santa Barbara is very nice

sid said...

Are you kidding? I want you to post only about hockey — I came here for the sports, man. Especially hockey. I miss the days when we would watch hockey games together and go nuts whenever someone would pull off the two-point conversion, usually after a good scrum.

I definitely recommend Southeast Asia (even though Khao San Road in Bangkok looks like Pearl Street in Boulder, except the hippies don't drive off in Pathfinders at the end of the day). And, if you're feeling up for it (and want to spend $8 on a beer), you've got a place to crash in Tokyo.

Brushback said...

"Focus group"??!??

gsdgsd13 said...

Well, it's a one-person focus group.