Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gray World

I've been at home virtually not at all this weekend -- between a movie ("Match Point," good) and getting treated to an actual home-cooked dinner Monday, and then a full day of goofing off yesterday, I haven't been on the computer too much. Add to that some pretty ugly weather -- from gray and cold to a brief moment of sunny and warm Tuesday to warm and pouring rain today, I'm low on seratonin or whatever, and while I've got a bunch of things to do this morning (blown off in order to spend four hours at Apres Diem yesterday), I'm instead sitting here watching "Miracle on Ice" (1981 Karl Malden version) and returning to this.

I went out shooting some photos yesterday morning, before the sun came out and before I began doing the whole "Lost Weekend" thing. It marked the first time I'd really taken my new digital camera out for a spin. I got it for Christmas, but laziness and other factors have kept opportunities for good pictures low; I've yet to go hiking, or really go to see anything interesting and photo-worthy at all in 2006.

I resisted going digital for quite a while -- my reasons basically summed up by a trip to the British Museum last summer, and watching other tourists snapping indiscriminately, getting set to go home with 1,000 photos. My idea was that having the erase/redo option made one less selective and less likely to get good photos. Two weeks later, I'd decided I wanted a digital camera, because of the subsequent trip to Albania; switching back and forth between color and black-and-white film was a pain, and left me stuck with whatever was in the camera at the time, regardless of how appropriate it was. I've got a lot of rather pointless black-and-white photos of Tirana's garishly-colored apartment blocks as a result.

At Christmas, I received the Canon PowerShot A520, and fell in love with it pretty quickly -- though my Dad's warning to make sure I read the instructions thoroughly was a good one. I did my usual skim, and out there yesterday, the myriad functions were befuddling. Some other adjustment problems -- I still instinctively hold the viewfinder up to my eye, giving me a good view of nothin' at all; and can't seem to grasp the concept that bothered me so much in London, that I can delete a misfired shot and try it again without wasting film.

But it's a neat toy. Alas this little bit is rather anticlimactic -- the jaunt was cut short by bad weather, and then getting lost in Atlanta/Decatur's spaghetti street map. But I'm looking forward to the next hike, or next month's trip to Colorado, when I can really cut loose.

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